The pool is 72′ wide and 148′ long and consists of three areas. For the little ones, at one end is a 24′ radius, half circle wading pool with a mushroom fountain. It is about 1′ deep. At the other end is a similar sized diving pool about 10 1/2′ deep. In between is the main body of the pool which is 72′ X 100′ and ranges from 3′ (on the wading pool end) to 4 1/2′ deep (on the diving pool end). Naturally, there is a diving board for the diving pool. And, in the main body of the pool is a water slide and a chairlift.

Adjacent to the pool is a concession stand from which drinks, snacks, and hot meals are served. Surrounding the pool are lawn chairs, as well as some picnic tables. Courtesy of the trees growing around the pool, some shade is available. Due to the arrangements that have been made with the concession stand operator, no outside food or beverages are allowed in the pool, other than water or cakes for birthday parties.

Also adjacent to the pool is the campground store which carries sunscreen, goggles, swimming diapers, and an assortment of other swimming related merchandise.

During the 2018 swimming season, Radiant Swim School is offering water safety swim lessons. Call (817) 243-7946 or click here to learn more.